Saturday, July 18, 2009


Hmm..somewhere around September, I have to leave my country, my Malaysia, and everything in Malaysia to live in Cairo. The first thing that I would miss the most in Malaysia would be the food! (Before the first, of course my ma, pa, grandma, brothers, sisters and all my family. hehe.. I love you so much indeed!) Haha..Why must food? Because I know that Malaysia has a large variety of food where there are no other countries that can serve me like that! They are easily available everywhere in Malaysia.

I would miss the laksa, nasi lemak, mee goreng mamak, roti canai, nasi beriani, nasi kerabu, lepat pisang, pengat pisang, chicken rice, char kuew teow and many others that would take much space here. Haha.. Eating in Malaysia is glorious. There are so many mouth-watering dishes available here. I assume that there are no other place in the world can compare with what we have here.

I chatted with my friend who has gone to overseas. She said that she misses our foods. She said to me how she wishes to go home and have some popiah, sate, rendang, and cokodok! Haha.. She said how wonderful she is to eat our food at that time. I am sure I will feel as how she feels when I am living in other country.

I would also miss our local fruits. Again, I ask.. Where else of the countries in this world can serve us with such sweet rambutans, jackfruits, mangosteens and of course durians ??? family went to a durian plantation and all of them ate a lot of durian there! But I was in INTEC that time. Huaaaaaa..I want it too.. I will make sure that I will get some durian before my flight! Hehe..

Then, our local festivals would be things that I would miss. Our country is unique as we have multi-racial citizens. I would miss Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Hari Raya Aidil Adha and also Chinese New Year, Deepavali, and Christmas. I would miss the surrounding atmosphere during the festivals! I would miss the biscuit raye, lemang, ketupat, rendang and….’duit raya’! haha.. I can say that Malaysian celebrate all these events. They give chance to us to know better between one another. Thus contribute to our country’s unity and peace. And now One Malaysia.

There maybe another things that I would miss if I am not in Malaysia. Friends, not forgetting you..I will also miss all of you indeed! Thanks so much for everything! This is a wonderful country. Considering the conditions of other countries, I would like to say that our country is the best country in the world to live in. Our citizens are so polite, helpful, warm, and friendly! Thanks Malaysians! I cannot see any reason for leaving my country unless for some important reason (further studying and serve back my community!!) Lastly, I would miss my beloved country, Malaysia so much!! Thanks for everything! I LOVE YOU MALAYSIA!

p/s I am really sad last night and until now when I got news that our flight to Cairo will be before raya. I do not know. Is it true?

Thin, Fit or Fat ????

Am I fit? Kehkehkeh…just asks to not want any answer..hmm..actually someone said to me..’Shaymak, makin naik la skunk’ haha..really? huaaaaaa.. I don’t know. Whatever. The fact is we have to keep fit and not to become thinner and skinny..Agree me? So, in this post I would like to point out some opinions about keeping fit.

A person who is fit is one who can perform ordinary physical task. They will not easily getting ill compared to those who are unfit. This is because fit person’s body has more resistance to illness. But, if they get some illness the rate for them to recover is usually faster.

Who want to become fit? Keep going in this track! Huhu.. The simplest way of keeping fit is by exercising regularly. I mean vigorous exercise. Vigorous exercise keeps our muscle strong. Other than that, we’ll become active and energetic. The most common exercise are jogging, swimming, football, badminton, squash, tennis,
and other games that require a lot of movement. Whatever they are, such activities will give our body a good work out, make us sweat, and keep our muscles, bones and organs in good working order. However, we have to be careful not to over exercise until we collapse from fatigue.

Ermm..actually..Exercise alone is not enough to become fit. The food and drinks that we take are also important. It is no use if we exercise diligently while at the same time we take a lot of junk foods. Fatty acids and alcohol are two things that we have to be very careful. Just want to warn my friends that take it ya!! Alcoholic drinks can lead to dehydration. Fatty foods can make us fat, unhealthy and brings to other disease complication.

I would also say that we should have sufficient rest and sleep because it is vital for fitness. All of us already know how weak we are if we do not have enough sleep. So, it is a good idea to go to bed early each night around 10 to 11 p.m. in order to get a good night’s sleep. Then wake up fresh on the next morning around 3 to 4 a.m. Wake up fresh on the next day is one thing that we delight for, is it? Ustazah Rokiah (lecturer of introduction to Islam and medicine) told us about sleep and hormone cortisol (hormone involved in immune system). As cortisol levels rise, we are given the energy to begin our day. The time for the cortisol to rise is from 3 to 11 a.m. So, I think we should follow her very best suggestion and I am now trying to get into it. Hope so.. Ermm..ok, as a conclusion..We should try to become fit and not trying to become slim in a wrong way. Get it? hmm..up to you whether to follow it or not. Huhu..

Saturday, June 27, 2009

The hazards of smoking

I keep thinking about smoker when my lecturer of physiology subject showed to us a slide about cigarette. Before going to KISAS, I was in ‘SMK’. So, there are quite a lot of disciplinary cases compared to my boarding school. All the boys in my class on that time admitted that they experienced smoking. Some of them smoke regularly. How could anyone take a fool action by damaging their beautiful lungs? I do not know.

I have to say that I am glad that my father, brothers and men around me are not a smoker. From the slide show, smoking is really hazardous to health. In a single of cigarette, there are many harmful chemicals being inserted. Some of them are tobacco, nicotine (to kill cokcroaches), carbon monoxide (poisonous gas), formaldehyde (to preserve dead specimens), ammonia (household cleaner), arsenic ( rat poison), cadmium (used in batteries), methophrene (insecticide) and many more.

A regular smoker is always coughing. I observe this is the obvious sign of a smoker.
The old man that are addicted to cigarette, often hacking away every now and then. They take medicine to encounter the cough but it is useless. The only solution for them is to quit smoking.
This is easy to say ‘stop smoking’! but I can see that almost of the smoker is impossible to do so. They love smoking too .much. I really do not know why.

It is no secret or mystery. Cigarette smoking is bad for us. Cigarette smoking leads to low birth weight babies, lung cancer, emphysema, mouth cancer, and other serious diseases that nobody likes to think about. It stains the teeth and stinks up the clothes, and yet brings to death! So few of smokers quit the habit. Why?

Smoke can damage our respiratory system. As an example the damage begins when tobacco smoke temporarily paralyzes the microscopic hairs (cilia) that line our bronchial tubes. Normally, these hairs sweep irritants and germs out of your airways. But when smoke interferes with this sweeping movement, irritants remain in our bronchial tubes and infiltrate the alveoli, inflaming the tissue and eventually breaking down elastic fibers. This can bring to emphysema. Emphysema causes a loss of elasticity in the walls of the small air sacs in your lungs. Eventually, the walls stretch and break, creating larger, less efficient air sacs that are not able to handle the normal exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide.

My lecturer also showed us the picture of a baby from a smoker mother. Pity on the baby. I felt afraid to see the baby and until now I cannot forget the picture. When I think back about my former classmates that are smokers, actually they do not have enough stamina compared to non smoker. They tire quickly. Hmm..they thinked that they were smart enough in order not being catched by teachers. But teachers are not fool. Yellow teeth, smelly clothes, black lips are sure signs of a smoker. Teacher always saying that do not smoking to all the students in my class. Haha.. hoping that they are smart enough to realize. I hope so..

I heard a story that a medical student also a smoker. I laugh because I cannot believe on it. is it true? Some of the girls say so to me. They said that they saw some of the boys. Ridiculous! Haha..Whatever! I will not believe for something that has no proof in front of me. But, as an advice..if it is true..please quit smoking as we (girls) really hate and have no respect for those teenagers that are smoking! Especially a future doctor. Good luck! Hehe..

I learn to shop wisely when living in INTEC..

Most of us use money to buy what we need in this world. We do our shopping in various places. Sometimes we are satisfied with what we buy. But sometimes we do not get our money's worth. Then we will feel we are being cheated. To avoid being cheated, we as students who are not familiar in managing our own finance, should know how to shop wisely.

To shop wisely means not wasting our money on useless things. We have to be careful with what we buy. It is a good practise to check the price of the goods first. Every shop is required by law to display price tags for all items. Goods that have no price tags should be avoided. More than that, it is better if we compare the price of the goods at various places. We probably be shocked by the differences in price. By living in Cemara, there are a lot of shopping complexes nearby. For examples there are Mydin, Giant, Ole-Ole and others. So, we should compare the price first before buying them.

On the second week at Cemara, one of my roommates wanted to buy a calculator. But we are not familiar with the place on that time. So, she just bought a calculator at a watch shop before surveyed at another shops. She bought it for RM 45. Unluckily, when she went to the another shop, she discovered that she could bought the calculator with the same model and quality at a much lower price. She really regretted as she only had a few money in her pockets for that week. We learn something from it.

Next, we should check on the expire date of the goods. Items without the expiry date should not be bought. As example, I always buy a loaf of bread on every Sunday. I buy it as I will eat two slices before going to lecture and three slices to be eaten at 1 pm. Usually a loaf of bread is enough for five days. If I do not check on the expiry date, the bread might be wasted and so as my money! hehe...

The condition of the goods that we aim to buy should be checked. Should not be fooled by the attractive packaging. See the item itself and make sure it is worth for our money. As
example, if we want to buy goods in cans. The cans should be examined first if there are any dented parts or rust.

When paying for the goods at the counter, it is a good practise for us to make sure that the price are correctly entered. Then keep the receipt in case we want to return it back or exchange anything. Count the change after paying for the items that we buy. Finally we should only buy the items that we need. As a conclusion, we should manage our finance in a smart way. Especially when we want to shop for something! Beware..

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Study just to pass the examinations?

I keep thinking myself about UPSR,PMR and also SPM. I pass all the examination with flying colours. I got all As in all the examinations. But there is something that I always wonder. Were I studied before this just to pass the examination? hmm..most likely I think. But it seemed the same with my schoolmates. We are concerned with the examinations. We do not study other things. I asked my sister and brother and sister in phone. 'What are you doing?' they said 'We are studying la..the examination is just around the corner!'.. sometimes, it sounds weird.

The reason that we do not study other things is because we have no time for them. As I were staying in the hostel before, I have to follow the schedule. Our time were very packed. School subjects take up all our time in schools and much of our time out of of school (additional class).

Everyday we have to learn so many things. Lessons continue one after one with a short break. Our brains switch from one subject to another subjects in a day. Let say we have 6 subjects in a day. I managed most of the time but sometimes it gots so tiring. Sometimes we did not not understand lessons in class, so we go back to the hostel and only have enough time to study back the lessons that we cannot cope.

Second, there was always examinations around the corner. Since very young,we usually have been taught this: passing an examination is good and failing in examination is very bad. We are expected to pass. All the people around us applause us when we get A! When we are fail, we are worthless. This is what I experienced before. No one wants to be considered worthless or be punished for failure. But this is what the world is.We study because we want A and do not want to fail.

Before this, some teachers say that we should study to acquire knowledge. Knowlwdge is something precious. It is all very to be practised on but I do not see anyone practising it including myself. But I always deny that I study because I want to know something new!

Some of my classmates who cannot cope with their study,they simply give up studying. They are marked as failures so that they see there was no point in studying anymore. I felt sad and always adviced them. But..hmm..I do not know how to say. I still studied and do my examinations as best as I could. But actually I did my exams with only on thing in mind: I have to get all As.

Someone told me that we have to study because Allah asked us to gain knowledge. Then we can be someone that is useful for our religion, family, community and country. If we just study with no point (just to get excellent in result), we surely can be easily to forget the knowledge that we have learned. I asked myself again. Yeah..that is it. I forget most of them. By living in the university, I have to be independent. If I search for more, I will gain more knowledge and I can share the knowledge with others. So, I bear in my mind now that 'I have to study firstly because of Allah' after then, I can think to study because of another things. I also will always advice my siblings and other people that read my blog! In conclusion, STUDY IS NOT JUST TO PASS THE EXAMINATION BUT STUDY IS TO ACQUIRE KNOWLEDGE.

Health is Wealth..

Recently I read an article about health. So, I would like to share something about the article. For my opinion I agree whole heartedly with my title that is 'health is wealth'. If a person is not healthy then the person will find it very difficult to enjoy their life eventhough they are rich. If you are asked to choose one of the following things,which will you prefer? 'health wihout wealth' or 'wealth with out health'? without hesitation, I will choose the first one. But actually I want health and wealth! exactly..hehe..

Wealth is generally connected with how much money a person has and how rich is the person. After reading the article, I think about my neighbour. He is very rich. He has everything that anyone hope for and sometimes no one dares to hope for as it is so much luxuries. He lives in a huge house with guards and sophisticated burglar alarm. He also has expensive car (like BMW) , furniture, pictures and other things that a rich person has. Hmm..well..he has everything except a good health.

Everywhere he goes,he will will carry along with him a bag of medicine. He has to take a lot of pills everyday for his weak heart, diabetes and hypertension. He is now 60 years old. Our family are really close. Of course as we are neighbourhood. He told my father one evening about his lack of health and said that he wish that he was young and lead a health life again. So that he will not suffer like now. Unfortunately, no one can regain his health again.

I hope when I learn in medicine, I will know what should and should not do in order to lead a healthy life. Then, I could always advice my parents, family and other people around me about health. What is the use of money if one has to take so much medicine everyday. How can one enjoy life when one's body is pain?

Health without wealth is better. That is what my parent and grandmother have now. I will always pray that my family, teachers, friends, and other persons that love me are in a good health. InsyaAllah.. I also pray that I will be rich and in a good health. This is because I want to give my parents living in a comfortable and some luxuries in their life one day! I hope to give them pleasure in vacation to other country. Hehe.. just dreaming right now and hopefully it will become true one day!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

My life in INTEC..

On 17th Mei, I arrived at International Education Centre(INTEC). JPA was calling me on 12th Mei.haha..I was blurred that time.I'm going to study again after struggling in SPM. I'm not ready's ok lah after four months doing nothing. I'm now ready to study really hard to achieve that title ''Dr." in front of my name!huhu..really sweet. I also want to give my service to Malaysians that need my help. I also wish and will trying hard to make Malaysia as a well known country in medical services at global state. Other than that, I will study hard in medicine because of Allah,religion,country,family,and community..

Ok..back to the main life in INTEC..huhu..we had a wonderful first week program called MMS (Minggu Mesra Siswa). And in another word,orientation week. it was being handled by our seniors. I was really busy that week but our seniors were really sporting! When the first time they called us ''siswa and siswazah", I felt weird..are they calling us? haha..I was not familiar that time. I am now a SISWAZAH! there are a lot of lessons that I get from that MMS. The lessons really helpful as they prepare myself towards shockable university life!

I am living in block Cemara. The room is good enough and comfortable even there is no air-conditioner.hehe..Now i have to buy my foods by myself. I also have to manage my expenses. In university, there are nobody to really guide me on what I should do. We can just go out from hostel any time we want. There are a lot of shopping complex nearby.huhu..My parents,family members,wardens are not here to watch me all the time on what Im doing. But,Ill try my best to be always in a good manner and study hard. InsyaAllah..

The second week, we are divided into several groups and Im in MEG5. There are 22 members in my class. They are really polite, helpful and smart! exactly! I'm quite nervous actually as I'm studying among the cleverest students in Malaysia. I have to maintain study really hard. This is the week that I really waiting for. We are going to study in university style! I have 8 subjects to be study on in this 3 months preparation in INTEC. The subjects are..
1)English for pre-medical student
2)Arabic for pre-medical student
6)Civilization in medicine
7)Introduction to Islam and medicine
8)Computer literacy

Even in the first day in class, we are given topics to be presented on the next day!huhu..that is my first class in English for pre-medical student. My lecturer's name for this subject is Miss Siti Hasnaa bt Shaharun. The presentation was not really good. Quite shameful actually but our lecturer can still lend her ears for the presentations and keep smiling to us telling that we can do it!hehe..and actually, I'm now become a blogger because we have to write our journal in the form of electronic journal that is blog!!,because of Miss Hasnaa, I'm willing to have a blog..huhu..its interesting..Ermm..most of our lecturers are still young!its great right! I'm very proud of my lecturer! A big clap for them! owh..before I forget, something that is different from secondary school life is that ASSIGNMENT! Huaaaaaaaaaaa....there are a lot of assignments in written form and also presentation (slide) form. Im now trying hard to manage my assingment to be done on time..hopefully..

ermm..I think thats all to tell aout the life in INTEC. Hope all of my friends from SRI ABIM, SMK Dato Hj MOHD REDZA, Kolej Islam Sultan Alam Shah, and also my friends in INTEC can cope the new life in university and study hard to achieve a better life for future in Mardhatillah..InsyaAllah..