Saturday, July 18, 2009


Hmm..somewhere around September, I have to leave my country, my Malaysia, and everything in Malaysia to live in Cairo. The first thing that I would miss the most in Malaysia would be the food! (Before the first, of course my ma, pa, grandma, brothers, sisters and all my family. hehe.. I love you so much indeed!) Haha..Why must food? Because I know that Malaysia has a large variety of food where there are no other countries that can serve me like that! They are easily available everywhere in Malaysia.

I would miss the laksa, nasi lemak, mee goreng mamak, roti canai, nasi beriani, nasi kerabu, lepat pisang, pengat pisang, chicken rice, char kuew teow and many others that would take much space here. Haha.. Eating in Malaysia is glorious. There are so many mouth-watering dishes available here. I assume that there are no other place in the world can compare with what we have here.

I chatted with my friend who has gone to overseas. She said that she misses our foods. She said to me how she wishes to go home and have some popiah, sate, rendang, and cokodok! Haha.. She said how wonderful she is to eat our food at that time. I am sure I will feel as how she feels when I am living in other country.

I would also miss our local fruits. Again, I ask.. Where else of the countries in this world can serve us with such sweet rambutans, jackfruits, mangosteens and of course durians ??? family went to a durian plantation and all of them ate a lot of durian there! But I was in INTEC that time. Huaaaaaa..I want it too.. I will make sure that I will get some durian before my flight! Hehe..

Then, our local festivals would be things that I would miss. Our country is unique as we have multi-racial citizens. I would miss Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Hari Raya Aidil Adha and also Chinese New Year, Deepavali, and Christmas. I would miss the surrounding atmosphere during the festivals! I would miss the biscuit raye, lemang, ketupat, rendang and….’duit raya’! haha.. I can say that Malaysian celebrate all these events. They give chance to us to know better between one another. Thus contribute to our country’s unity and peace. And now One Malaysia.

There maybe another things that I would miss if I am not in Malaysia. Friends, not forgetting you..I will also miss all of you indeed! Thanks so much for everything! This is a wonderful country. Considering the conditions of other countries, I would like to say that our country is the best country in the world to live in. Our citizens are so polite, helpful, warm, and friendly! Thanks Malaysians! I cannot see any reason for leaving my country unless for some important reason (further studying and serve back my community!!) Lastly, I would miss my beloved country, Malaysia so much!! Thanks for everything! I LOVE YOU MALAYSIA!

p/s I am really sad last night and until now when I got news that our flight to Cairo will be before raya. I do not know. Is it true?

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  1. trima la knyataan shay..
    sdih gak nie..
    kta akn fly sblm raya..InsyaAllah